Meet our Local Canadian Growers

July 5, 2018

We are proud to support over 2,000 local growers from Western Canadian communities, bringing you the freshest ingredients found right in your own backyard. Get to know your local growers, let us introduce you.

Grower: Heppell’s Potato Corp – Abbotsford, B.C

“Heppell’s Potato Corp. is in its 19th year of business it is owned and operated by Wes Heppell and Peter Schouten. We are a family farm growing 750 acres of potatoes, 90 acres of squash and 15 acres of pumpkins, to the people of BC, for over 4 generations. Wes and Pete are members of the BCfresh farm family.”

Grower: Greenhouse Delight – Abbotsford, B.C

Greenhouse Delight Foods grows hydroponic bell peppers on the family farm just outside of Vancouver.

“Our region is thought to be one of the best in the world given its climate and the moderating effect of its proximity to the Pacific ocean. Peppers require weather that is neither too hot nor too cold to ensure proper development into the succulent, fleshy fruit consumers have come to expect. We currently have 36 acres under glass which makes us one of the largest greenhouse complexes in the industry. We are a family operation with all members living on the large property. This is now our 7th. year and we plan on being in the industry for generations to come. Greenhouse Delight Foods employs arguably the most knowledgeable grower in the industry with over 20 years experience and our peppers bear witness to his experience and talent.Our mission is simple. We are dedicated to growing the best bell peppers in the business. To achieve this we are currently expanding our state of the art facility to 36 acres. This and the addition of a new corporate office will ensure we are able to take advantage of the latest in industry knowledge and leading edge thinking. Our goal is to combine an old world philosophy of customer focus with the latest innovations in vegetable production.”

Grower: Westberry Farms – Abbotsford, B.C.

In 1989 Parm and Satwinder Bains embarked on a labour of love. They decided to take up farming with a dream of a rural lifestyle and raising their family on a farm. Their youngest child was born during the first harvest season. And they have been growing and celebrating ever since. In 1997 Parm and Satwinder and their young family founded Westberry Farms to diversity their vision to take their harvest global. They added fruit packing and processing to their portfolio and what started as a labour intensive process, evolved into a globally recognized operation today. Their love for the land has helped them nurture a sustainable farm which is 50% in organic production.

At Westberry Farms in mid-August, the bright summer sun beats down, ripening and sweetening plump blueberries as seasonal workers pick the fruit for the valuable fresh market. Near the fields, a processing facility operates at full tilt, handling the output of the Bains’s farm and the production from their family of growers.Parm graduated from UBC with a BSc. in Agricultural Sciences in 1979, worked for the Ministry of Agriculture and the private sector. He has served on many industry and community boards – local, national and international. In 2009 Parm was recognized with an honorary degree from the University of the Fraser Valley for his philanthropic work and building community networks.

Grower: Millennium Pacific Farms – Delta, B.C.

Shirvan & Reza Bakhtiari run a 30acre modern hydroponic greenhouse. They offer quality and consistency – fresh, healthy, and tasty tomatoes direct from their farm to our stores.

Grower: Keun Hee Jung with BC Tree Fruits in Osoyoos, BC

Keun has been a fruit farmer for over 22 years growing everything from cherries to peaches, apples, and plums.

Grower: Lost in Love Farms – Creston, BC

Luc Quesnel and Lisa Sutherland grow cherries on Lost in Love Farm in Creston BC. This year Save-On-Foods bought their entire crop! Find them, along with other local cherries in store and online right now!

Grower: Sunny Buttar – Oliver, BC

Sunny is one of @BC Tree Fruits Cooperative’s over 430 grower members. He grows peaches along with nectarines, cherries, plums/prunes, and apples on 25 acres in Oliver, and takes pride in providing healthy foods and enjoys the dynamic and challenging nature of growing.

Grower: Wayne & Barb Hewitt – Oliver, BC

Wayne and Barb’s orchard is located in Oliver, BC where they grow peaches and plums on 7 acres of land. Wayne’s family has a history with the BC Tree Fruits Cooperative for over 30 years.