Social Distancing While Grocery Shopping

March 22, 2020

How to Social Distance in a Grocery Store

Earlier this week, CBC News released useful information on how we can all implement practices of social distancing while grocery shopping. Social distancing can help keep ourselves and our neighbours healthy during this pandemic. The top 5 key take aways for our customers include:

  1. Before you enter the grocery store, remember to wash, or more practically sanitize your hands. Once you enter, use hand sanitizer or a wipe, to wipe down your cart or basket handle.
  2. Try not to touch any items unless you are certain you are buying them. This especially applies to any fresh items, such as produce. Furthermore, do not touch your face while shopping.
  3. Remember to keep at least 1-2 metres distance between anyone else in the store, including customers and team members. Online delivery or pick up are always an option, but we do request that option is prioritized for the elderly, vulnerable people or those that are sick and cannot leave the house.
  4. Avoid peak hours to avoid crowds and keep trips to the grocery store to a minimum.
  5. On your way out of the grocery store, wash or sanitize your hands again.

Other considerations also include wiping down products once you get home, and washing your fresh produce before using it.

We thank all our customers for their continued support through these uncertain times. Together, we will get through this. Stay safe and healthy.

Click here to watch the complete CBCNews story

Source: Erin Collins CBC News