We’re Building the Perfect Burger

May 11, 2020

How do you burger? Beef, turkey, veggie? There is something for everyone when building your perfect burger. Let’s get busy!

Choose Your Protein

Select an 80/20 lean to fat ratio for optimum flavor and juiciness.

Get adventurous with your protein selection. Add ground pork to your ground beef or try ground turkey or salmon patties. Vegetarians and vegans aren’t excluded from burgers anymore as plant based recipes and options are very popular.

Season It Up!

Make sure to add salt and other drys seasonings on the outside of your patties, not the inside. This will prevent drying out.

Be generous with your seasoning! Ground meat doesn’t have a lot of flavour so go big with your spice!

KISS! Sometimes the best things are the most simple. Burgers seasoned with salt and pepper are delicious and allows you to add a wide variety of toppings after it’s cooked.

Experiment! There’s no wrong way to season a burger. If you like it then it’s good. Mix up your own spice mixtures and taste test them. Make sure to season right before the meat hits the heat.

Integrate fresh ingredients into your ground meat. Adding chopped herbs, garlic and onions is a great way to add flavour and aroma to your burger.

Get Grilling

Shape burger patties to 3/4 inch thickness. Don’t overwork our protein as it will result in a compact firm texture that could be dry. Make sure to make a thumbprint indent in the center of the patty before cooking. This will prevent the center of the burger from expanding.

Lightly blot cooked burgers with paper towel to remove any excess fat.

Cook patties over medium heat for even cooking. Burgers grilled over too high of heat could overcook or char on the exterior before the center reaches the desired doneness.

Top It Up!

Toppings! This is where you can put your signature on your burger. Fresh guacamole and salsa will bring a fiesta vibe to your burger. Fresh pineapple rings, smoked slices of cheese, sauteed mushrooms, bacon……the possibilities are endless.

The Sides

Your sides don’t have to be boring and they can really accent the star of the meal. Here are some of our favourite burger sides:

Seasonal Fresh Salads

Grilled Corn on the Cob

Potato or Pasta Salad


Grilled Veggies